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Solar Panels - Alternative Energy

Solar panels can be a great investment for your Tucson Home

Have you been considering installing solar panels on your home or business? Solar panels can be a great investment that not only save you money – easing your wallet and bank account – they can also increase the value of your property, while at the same time helping the environment.

Solar power is fast becoming a price competitive alternative to conventional energy sources. Here in Tucson, Arizona, there are substantial rebates and incentives that have been put in place to help compensate you for the power you produce that will help offset your initial investment and cost – add to that an expanding number of solar panel financing options. In many cases you can have solar panels installed on your home and be cash flow positive on your investment within the first year!

As the solar industry has grown and matured over the last decade, especially here in Tucson, the costs associated with putting solar panels on your home has decreased significantly, dropping just over 40% within the last few years. As our country looks to alternative energy sources for sustainable living, there’s never been a better time for you to make the move to solar for renewable clean energy for your home and/or business.

Why Go Solar?

With rising energy costs here in Tucson, AZ and growing concerns about our environment, putting a solar panel electric system on your home is a simple and secure investment. Add to that the available government incentives, having a solar powered home is surprisingly affordable.

The following are some things you need to consider to determine whether solar energy is the right choice for you:

Energy Efficiency of Your Home (Going Green)

Making the low cost, easy to implement changes that can reduce your energy bill before you replace your utility company with a clean, renewable solar panel system is essential. Taking simple steps like switching to Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) light bulbs, energy star energy efficient appliances, using smart power strips that turn off electronics when not in use, and making sure your windows, door, and insulation are inspected and replaced with energy efficient, eco-friendly materials. After all, keeping your energy inside your home or business can make a huge difference in your energy usage.

The Roof of Your Home or Business

Does your home have unobstructed south facing roof space? If so, that is the ideal setting for solar panels, but often times an east-west roof with good exposure to the sun through an unobstructed area can work just as well. Important: You need to ensure there isn’t any shading at any point of the day on the surface that you intend to install solar panels on. This can reduce the effectiveness of your solar energy system.

Solar Cost

Do you know how much installing solar panels for your home or business is likely to cost and what rebates and incentives are available to you? If you’d like a free consultation regarding solar energy, call us today at (520) 780-7233 or click here and contact our Solar Installation Company in Tucson. Intelligent Design Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar’s team can help you decide if an investment in solar energy is right for you!